Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Restore Project: ~1968 Lightning 19' Centerboard Sloop, a sailboat

After having searched and saved for a  sailboat, I finally found a little racing sloop for sale in my area at a very reasonable price. Price being a very big issue as I had a heart attack a couple weeks ago, and have burned through my savings. I was happy to find this little Lightning class 19 foot Centerboard Sloop, hull #10632 in very good condition and resting quietly in a garage upon its' very own factory trailer of matching color. I have been as yet unable to determine the manufacturer.
I've not had a full marine survey yet but have had several "boat guys" look at it and assure me I've made a good purchase of a solid boat in need of few repairs.
The vessel came equiped with pretty much everything: Mast, boom & stays, Main, Jib & Spinnaker (slight repair needed for spinkr), lines, tiller etc... just need a turnbuckle for the fore stay and supplies to restore the wood and glass.

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